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What are you going to be when you grow up?

When you are a kid, you are repeatedly asked:

"What are you going to be when you grow up?"

Common answers: a teacher, a fireman, president! The list goes on and on.

Ryann Kezele is sitting at a dining room table facing the camera in a room with green walls.

"Insurance Agent", however, doesn't generally make it on to that list. (Ok, there might be some insurance agent's kid out there with it on their list). Whose kid even knows what insurance is?

I always tell folks "I didn't choose insurance, it chose me".

When I was young, I saw myself helping others. I saw myself teaching kids, rocking babies, and influencing the future. The recession in 2008 had other ideas.

Insurance found me in 2009. It came along and presented me with an opportunity that couldn't be refused. I learned, I grew, and I became engrossed with mastering the role. If I'm going to do something, I'm going to do my best.

I have learned that insurance is a language. Not all of us can speak and understand it. I happen to be one that can.

Young girl with red, curly hair and a smile wearing a white and red t-shirt that says ask my mom about Medicare

So I didn't fulfill the dreams of my younger self, but what I didn't know then, is that "helping others" can happen in many forms. Here, at Ferguson Insurance Services, I help families and Medicare beneficiaries understand their health insurance and how to use it. I help them find the best plan for their medical and financial needs. Being thanked at the end of the day are some of the best words that I can hear. The other words would be "Would you like some coffee" or "do you want to go buy yarn".

When I'm not in the office or meeting with you, you can be sure I am enjoying my free time with my family, out in the garden, knitting, sewing or making Waldorf dolls.

I look forward to our next conversation! Give me a call at (360) 400-0530 or send me a message to request a meeting after clicking here.

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