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For Every "Life Event"- an Insurance Agent is There!

Let's start from the beginning:

A pair of adult hands holding a pair of baby feet

1) Birth

We were there to add you to your family's health plan! You've started your first life insurance policy and we smiled for your family.

2) You turn 16

Time for your license and first car- you bet your parent's called us to add you to their plan! Sorry, parents. This is a tough one.

3) You've grown up and you are moving out!

We were there to protect all of your belongings in your first apartment with Renter's Insurance and your own auto policy.

4) You are getting married!

Time to combine policies and protect each other with a life insurance plan. Not to mention writing a liability policy for that epic wedding!

5) Time to buy your first home!

Yep, we worked behind the scenes with your real estate agent and wrote that policy too.

a key with a house shaped keyring in a door lock

6) You start a family.

We've come full circle now. You've got a family plan and adequate coverage to make sure everyone is covered in any event.

7) Retirement

We help with insurance planning post retirement. Everything from long term care, health, travel, etc... needs to be considered. We are there to protect your assets

8) Happy 65th Birthday!

Let's get you on to Medicare and the right plan for you.

So that's just a few of life's events that we are going to be there for. We are also there when you:

  • Start a business

  • Buy a new car/boat/rv/etc...

  • Start a new career

  • Travel

  • You adopt

  • You move

  • This list goes on and on.

We are also there in the end. We help when long term medical needs arise. When you lose a family member. You lose a job. You get divorced.

As you can see, our job will get deeply personal. We respect this and take it very seriously. An insurance agent is closely tied with your medical and your financial well-being. Personal information is shared with us in detail. Your privacy is a top priority.

Helping people transition to a new stage of life is what we do!

We celebrate with you. We do happy dances. We have moments of silence.

We cry with you.

If you haven't felt close to your insurance agent, it sounds like maybe you should be working with Ferguson Insurance Services!

Clearly, we take pride in what we do!

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